Aztec Oils Scafftech Scaffold anti-seize, lubricating oil 20 Litre



A rust protection oil used in the building and construction industry. Provides a rust preventative film which repels water and stops corrosion, also helps loosen screws, bolts and nuts, it also dries quickly after application saving time and labour.

Can be applied by brushing or spraying but its dewatering action is most effective if the articles to be protected can be immersed in a dip tank. Designed for application to scaffolding equipment to help remove rust and prevent future corrosion. Easily removable with good quality solvent or alkali cleaners. Suitable for application to mild steel, pressed parts, sheet metal parts etc.

Excellent maintenance product. Leaves protective film on applied surfaces. Loosens binding screws, nuts, etc. Penetrates and cleans intricate shapes. Prevents rusting by displacing water. Quick drying.


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