Exol Optima Fully Synthetic 4T 5w50 Motorcycle Engine Oil 20 Litre



Optima 4T FS 5W-50 Fully synthetic four-stroke motorcycle oil Product code: M467

Product Description:

Optima 4T FS 5W-50 is a high performance four-stroke motorcycle lubricant formulated with top quality synthetic base stocks. It incorporates modern additive chemistry which provides maximum engine protection and high levels of component cleanliness. Optima 4T FS 5W-50 possesses outstanding anti-wear characteristics along with high levels of thermal stability and corrosion resistance. Its stay-in-grade properties ensure a highly durable lubricating oil film is maintained even after extended periods.

Benefits: • Optimised viscosity grade for low and high temperature conditions • Allows smooth gear change operation • Low volatility greatly reduces oil consumption • Excellent anti-wear protection • Highly shear stable • Outstanding thermal stability at elevated temperatures


Optima 4T FS 5W-50 is recommended for a wide variety of four-stroke motorcycles including high powered models. It can be used where a 5W-50 viscosity grade and one of the following specifications is required.

Product Specification:


Typical Test Data:

Density @ 15°C 0.865 Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C (cSt) 18.1 Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt) 108.5 Viscosity Index 186 CCS @ -30°C (cP) 6300 Pour Point (°C) -38


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