Exol Red Longlife Antifreeze Summer Coolant 20 Litre



Opticool Antifreeze Red Ethylene glycol based OAT antifreeze

Product code: D017 Product


Opticool Antifreeze Red is an ethylene glycol based engine coolant concentrate, which uses Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology and is free from nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates and silicates. It is BTC Classification Type 4E.

Fleet trials have shown that when used at the correct concentration coolants based on Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology continue to provide effective corrosion protection for up to 250,000km for passenger cars and 500,000km in commercial vehicles. It is recommended that the coolant is replaced when the above mileages have been reached or after 5 years.

Opticool Antifreeze Red provides excellent protection to engine cooling systems, whether they are predominantly of ferrous or aluminium construction. Unlike traditional coolants which employ inorganic inhibitors, Opticool Antifreeze Red has excellent hard water stability and very low inhibitor depletion rates.


Opticool Antifreeze Red is suitable for all year round usage in automotive and commercial petrol and diesel engines and certain industrial applications.

Recommended Dilutions: Concentration (by volume) 25% 33% 40% 50% 60%

Specific Gravity @ 20°C 1.030 1.045 1.060 1.074 1.087

Freeze Protection (°C)* – 12 – 22 – 27 – 40 – 56 *Average of freezing point and pour point.

Product Specification:

Opticool Antifreeze Red meets the requirements of the following European & international standards:

ASTM D 3306 ASTM D 4985 SAE J 1034 BS 6580: 2010 JIS K 2234 * AFNOR NF R15-601 * FFV Heft R443 CUNA NC 956-16 UNE 26361-88 NATO S 759 * with the exception of reserve alkalinity

Opticool Antifreeze Red meets the requirements of the following OEM specifications: Volvo VCS Coolant Chrysler MS 9176 Cummins 85T8-2 & 90T8-4 Leyland Trucks LTS 22 AF 10 Mack 014GS 17004 MAN 248, 324 (SNF) & B&W D 36 5600 Mercedes MB 325.3 Renault 41-01-001 VAG TL 774 D/F GM 1899 M, US 6277 M & OPEL GM QL130100 John Deere H 24 B1 & C1 MTU MTL 5048 Ford ESE M97B49-A, WSS-M97B44-D & ESD M97B49-A

Opticool Antifreeze Red can be used where Glysantin® G12, G12+, G30, G33 or G34 were originally recommended


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