Synthetic High Temperature Grease, Grease Gun and 4 x 400gm Synthetic EP2



Synthetic High Temp 2 Grease Lithium complex grease with PTFE for use at high temperatures

Product Description:

A premium quality lithium complex thickened grease for plain and anti-friction bearing, designed to withstand high temperatures over extended periods without leaving dry residues associated with conventional types of thickeners used in high temperature greases.

The addition of extreme pressure additives as well as PTFE reduces friction and self-generating temperatures.

Synthetic High Temp 2 grease also provides excellent lubrication at sub-zero and ambient temperatures making this lubricant extremely versatile in its applications.


Excellent high temperature resistance extending lubrication intervals

Considerably reduces carbon residues associated with other high temperature greases

Extreme pressure additives and PTFE to extend component life

Excellent corrosion resistance protects components from humid environments

Versatile performance. May be used in both high and low temperature applications.


Synthetic High Temp 2 grease may be applied by hand or using a conventional grease gun, or via a central lubrication system capable of pumping an NLGI No.2 consistency grease.

Typical Test Data:

Appearance Smooth brown grease

Thickener Lithium complex

NLGI classification 2

Base oil Synthetic hydrocarbon Solid lubricant

PTFE Dropping point (ASTM D2265) >250°C

Dynamic corrosion resistance (EMCOR) (IP 220) 0:0 Shell 4 Ball (IP 239) (ASTM D2596): Weld Load Load Wear Index 355 kgs 68 kg Corrosion (ASTM D130) 1b dN factor 750,000

Operating temperature range -50C to +220C


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