Cyclone Freeze 268. Refrigeration Compressor Oil.




Cyclone Freeze 268
Mineral oil based refrigeration compressor oil
Product code: C072

Product Description:
Cyclone Freeze 268 is a premium quality, low pour point refrigeration compressor oil.
Cyclone Freeze 268 is manufactured using carefully selected base oils with naturally low pour points and long fluid
life. They reduce the formation of ice crystals if water is present in the lubricant and remain fluid even at the lowest
temperatures encountered in their operating cycle.

• Excellent low temperature performance
• Improved evaporator efficiency
• High levels of system cleanliness

Cyclone Freeze 268 is suitable for domestic and industrial refrigeration compressors with any of the following
• Ammonia (R717)
• Hydrocarbon (e.g. R600a)
• Halogenated hydrocarbon (R12, R22)

Typical Test Data:
Appearance Very pale liquid
Density @ 20°C 0.878
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt) 68.0
Pour Point (°C) -36 max.

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