EDM 1 Fluid (Electro Discharge Machining) Spark Erosion Fluid


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EDM Spark Erosion Oils
Low viscosity electro discharge machining fluids
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EDM fluids are low viscosity spark erosion oils. The Exol range of EDM fluids are manufactured using high quality, low
viscosity hydrocarbon base oils. They are virtually colourless and their low aromatic content promotes low odour and
low fume generation. They offer long fluid life and have good operator acceptability.

▪ Low fuming and low odour
▪ Non staining
▪ Good corrosion protection
▪ Excellent oxidation stability

EDM1 is designed for very fine spark erosion machining operations, particularly in small EDM machines.
EDM2 is designed for spark erosion machines of all sizes. It is suitable for roughing and finishing operations.

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