Excelfluid CI 15 Semi Synthetic Machining & Grinding Fluid inc Cast Iron 20ltr (non stock 7 working days for delivery)


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Excelfluid CI 15
Semi synthetic water-mix metalworking fluid
Product code: S118

Product Description:
Excelfluid CI 15 is a low oil content, highly bio-resistant semi-synthetic machining and grinding fluid primarily
designed to provide clean machining of cast irons but also suitable for use with a variety of other ferrous materials as
well as non-ferrous metals. Excelfluid CI 15 provides good alkali reserve and excellent corrosion protection and is
very low foaming. When mixed with water it forms an ultra-stable, translucent emulsion allowing excellent
workpiece visibility.

• Low foaming • Long sump life
• Ultra stable micro emulsion • Chlorine free
• Excellent workpiece visibility • Multi-metal compatible
• Superior corrosion protection
Material Compatibility:
• Cast irons
• Most ferrous alloys including stainless steel
• Free cutting aluminium alloys
• Oil resistant plastics and other non-ferrous
Water Compatibility:
• Typically 50 to 400 ppm (calcium carbonate)
• Designed for low foam
• Suitable for high and low pressure CNC systems

Typical Test Data:
Concentration (% by vol.)
General Machining 5 – 6
Thread Cutting & Forming 6 – 8
Deep Hole Drilling & Boring 6 – 8
Reaming 8 – 10
Grinding 3 – 5
Appearance of Concentrate Amber liquid
Appearance of Emulsion Translucent
Specific Gravity 1.02
pH @ 5% 9.6
IP 287 Corrosion Test (%) 3.0
Defoam, ml (5% in 50ppm water) Nil (30 seconds)
Refractometer Factor 2.0

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