ExcelFluid FSLF Fully Synthetic Biostable Superior Performance Soluble 25ltr (Non Stock allow 7 Working Days for delivery)


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Excelfluid FSLF
Fully synthetic biostable metalworking fluid
Product code: S123

Product Description:
Excelfluid FSLF is a fully synthetic water-mix cutting fluid that forms a true solution when diluted with water. It
provides superior cooling and flushing characteristics, whilst providing excellent swarf settlement characteristics.
Excelfluid FSLF provides excellent corrosion protection on both the machine tool and components whilst minimising
the build-up of sticky residues and maintaining excellent machine tool cleanliness.
Excelfluid FSLF is based upon high performance anti-corrosion additives in order to provide excellent residual
corrosion protection of the machine tool and machined components alike. It produces a transparent solution which
allows for excellent visibility for the machine operator and has an ultra-low foaming tendency making it suitable for
the most arduous modern day machining requirements.

• Ultra low foaming
• Chlorine free
• Secondary amine free
• Triazine free
• High levels of lubrication
• Excellent swarf settlement
• Long sump life

Excelfluid FSLF is able to cope with materials with widely differing machining characteristics, including cast iron and
mild steel. Excelfluid FSLF is particularly suited to CNC machining while also being suitable for more arduous grinding
operations, particularly where high pressures and agitation are involved.

Typical Test Data
Appearance of Concentrate Amber liquid
Odour Bland
Emulsion Appearance Transparent solution
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 1.080
pH @ 5% (Distilled Water) 9.3
Anti-Corrosion by IP 287 2% break point
Reichert Lubricity Performance
@ 10% Dilution
Noise Reduction 15m
Load Capacity 1.95Kg

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