Excelquench 601 Specially Formulated Highly Refined Paraffinic Cold Quench Oil


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Excelquench 601
Straight mineral oil based quench oils

Product Description:
These Excelquench grades are specially formulated, highly refined paraffinic general-purpose quench oils.
When a piece of steel, containing sufficient carbon, is cooled rapidly it becomes considerably harder than it would if
allowed to cool slowly. The preferred quenchant is one, which removes heat slowly in the vapour stage and rapidly in
the vapour transport stage. The quenchant must also remove heat slowly in the liquid cooling stage when the metal
is completely wetted by the fluid in order to reduce distortion.
The Excelquench range of quench oils have been formulated to promote uniformed rates of cooling. They do not
readily oxidise and have a naturally high flash point.

• High oxidation stability
• Low fuming
• Fast quenching rates

Exelquench 601 is recommended for use as a quench oil for steels such as EN1a, EN32, EN36, EN37, set screws and hardened
bolts in EN8, En9, EN15, EN19, EN111. The operating temperature of the oil bath should be between 25 and 80°C.

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