Exol XL Large Lithium Complex Screw in Grease Cartridge 12 x 500gm




Lithium XL Complex Grease Extreme pressure, long life grease
Grease Classification ISO 12924 L-XC(F)DIB2 DIN 51502 KP2N-30
Product code: Z109        
Product Description: 
Lithium XL Complex is a lithium complex thickened lubricating grease based on mineral oil. The grease contains antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors and EP/anti-wear additives. The lithium complex soap makes the product suitable for applications over a very wide temperature range and especially applications at elevated temperatures. The complex soap structure also gives the product a high degree of mechanical stability, which enhances the performance in vibrating housings and prolongs re-lubrication intervals.
Good resistance to shock loads
Very good corrosion protection
Good thermal resistance
Lithium XL Complex is a modern high performance product setting a new standard for a truly universal grease, suitable for both industrial and automotive applications. The product’s all-round properties make it the primary choice for various types of bearing applications, including heavy load conditions and temperature peaks up to 180°C.
Typical Test Data: 
Thickener Lithium Complex Base Fluid
 Mineral Oil Texture  Smooth
Colour Red
NLGI Grade (ASTM D217 mod.) 2
Dropping Point (IP 396) > 260°C
Base Oil Viscosity @ 40°C (ASTM 7152) 210 cSt
Base Oil Viscosity @ 100°C (ASTM 7152) 16 cSt
Penetration, 60 Strokes (ISO 2137) 265 – 295
4-Ball Weld Load (DIN 51350:4) 2800 N
Water Resistance @ 90°C (DIN 51807:1) 1
Water Washout @ 38°C (ISO 11009) < 10%
Emcor, Salt Water (ISO 11007) ≤2 – 2
Flow Pressure @ -20°C (DIN 51805 mod.) < 1400 mbar
SKF R2F B @ 140°C (SKF) Pass
Density (IP 530) 900 kg/m3
Temperature Range -30°C to +140°C (Max +180°C)


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