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Medic White Oils
White oils of pharmaceutical quality

Product Description:
Medic White Oils are highly refined, saturated, non-reactive, high purity mineral oils. Their high purity, odour-free,
chemically inert and photo-stable characteristics make them the ideal choice for use in the cosmetics and personal
care, pharmaceutical, food contact, and polymer production industries. Medic White Oils are prepared using a twostage hydrotreatment process.

• Superior chemical and thermal stability • Odour free
• Water white • High purity
Medic White Oils meet the requirements of the following regulatory systems:
• British Pharmacopoeia • FDA 21 CFR 178.3620(a)
• European Pharmacopoeia • FDA 21 CFR 172.878
• DAB 10 • Codex

Medic White Oils have uses in a variety of industries. These include use in:
• Medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary
• Lubrication, polishes & preserves in the food
• Cosmetic preparations • Textile dressings as a softener
• The plastics industry as a processing oil • Base oil for lubricants used in the textile industry

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