Taurus 10w40 Euro Plus Synthetic Engine Oil E6, E7, E9 Scania Approved (allow 5 working days for delivery)




Taurus Euro Plus 10W-40
Fully synthetic low SAPS heavy duty diesel engine oil
Product code: M443
Product Description:

Taurus Euro Plus 10W-40 is a heavy-duty diesel engine oil that has been formulated to meet the latest low SAPS
criteria. It is based on fully synthetic base stocks combined with specialised performance additives to produce an
engine oil which exhibits outstanding properties and long drain capabilities.
Taurus Euro Plus 10W-40 meets ACEA E6, ACEA E9, ACEA E4 and ACEA E7, API CJ-4 as well as numerous OEM
specifications, which gives it a very wide range of applications. Taurus Euro Plus 10W-40 demonstrates enhanced
characteristics in several key areas. These include improved soot handling, better resistance to oxidative thickening
and increased protection against corrosion and wear.
Taurus Euro Plus 10W-40 provides an impressive combination of reduced SAPS technology while still meeting some
long drain full SAPS specifications.
All this means long predictable drain intervals with reduced down time and maintenance costs.

Fully synthetic long drain formulation
Low volatility – reduced oil consumption
Compatible with after treatment systems such as DPFs
Outstanding soot handling properties
Excellent low temperature pumpability
Ideal for the latest Euro emission engines
Backwards compatible to older models
Offers product rationalisation solutions

Taurus Euro Plus 10W-40 is highly recommended for use in the majority of Euro IV, V and VI heavy duty diesel
engines running under severe conditions and is also backwards compatible to older engines. It can be used in EGR
engines, with or without diesel particulate filters, and in engines fitted with SCR NOx reduction systems. Taurus Euro
Plus 10W-40 is strongly recommended for engines fitted with diesel particulate filters and is designed for use in
combination with low sulphur diesel fuel and can be used where any of the following specifications are required.

Product Specification:
E4, E7
MTU Category 3.1
Category 2.1
API CJ-4 Cummins CES 20081
Mercedes Benz MB 228.51
MB 228.31 Scania Low Ash
MAN M3477
M3575, M3271-1
Deutz DQC IV-10 LA
Volvo VDS-4
Renault Trucks RLD-3
Caterpillar ECF-3
Detroit Diesel 93K218 Mack EO-O Premium Plus
EO-N Premium Plus
Iveco 18-809 Classe NG2 New Holland MAT 3521

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