Hydraulic Oil Ultramax BD 46 Biodegradable (Non stock allow 7 working days for delivery)




Ultramax BD Range
Biodegradable hydraulic oils

Product Description:
The Ultramax BD range are superior biodegradable hydraulic oils manufactured from natural refined rapeseed oil. It
is fortified with proprietary additives to provide excellent anti-wear and high temperature performance that is as
good as if not better than that found in mineral oil based grades.
Ultramax BD oils are completely free of zinc and all other heavy metals thus avoiding environmental pollution
through spillage or leakage.

• Very high level of biodegradability
• High oxidation stability
• Extended drain intervals
• Environmentally friendly

The Ultramax BD range is recommended as a replacement for mineral oil based hydraulic oils, particularly where
spillage or loss in plant and equipment used near to, or for the construction of, waterways and reservoirs. Ultramax
BD oils are also recommended for all applications where some contact with humans or animals is a possibility.
These applications include elevators, door openers, aircraft baggage handlers, people movers and total system
losses, that frequently occur from burst hoses on hard worked hydraulic equipment.

Product Specification:
Biodegradability (CEC-L-33-T-82) >98%
DIN 51524 Part 3 (except D943)
ISO 11158 category HV (except D943)

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