Cyclone HT 46 Mineral Compressor Oil (20Ltr size is non stock 7 working days for delivery)




Cyclone HT Range
Mineral oil based ash free compressor oils
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Product Description:
The Cyclone HT grades are a range of premium quality, low carbon forming, ash free compressor oils.
Lubricants for compressors vary dependent upon the type of compressor (e.g. reciprocating, rotary, screw) and also
the gas being compressed (e.g. air, nitrogen and refrigerants etc.). With these features firmly in mind the Cyclone HT
range of compressor oils have been designed for a large variety of manufacturers’ specifications and requirements.
The Cyclone HT range of compressor oils are manufactured using carefully selected mineral oils. Inhibitors are added
to control oxidation, a problem encountered in the high temperature areas of the discharge zones and anti-wear
additives protect all the mechanical parts in the compressor.
Cyclone HT oils are designed for a minimum 2000 hour service life assuming excessive temperatures are not

• Excellent oxidation stability
• Low evaporation and carry over

Cyclone HT 32 and Cyclone HT 46 are recommended for the lubrication of screw type compressors. Cyclone HT 68
and Cyclone HT 100 are recommended for the lubrication of reciprocating (piston) type compressors. Both Cyclone
HT 68 and 100 can be used in sliding vane applications where oils of these viscosities are required. Cyclone HT 150 is
suitable for the lubrication of sliding vane compressors.
It is vitally important when selecting the required lubricant that the equipment manufacturer’s recommendation is
adhered to. Always comply with the manufacturer’s drain periods.

Product Specification:
DIN 51506 VD-L
ISO ISO 6743-3 DAG (ISO 32, 46, 68)
ISO 6743-3 DAH (ISO 68)
ISO 6743-3 DAA (ISO 100, 150)

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