ExcelFluid XL. Fully Synthetic Grinding Fluid. Qty 25 litres


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Excelgrind XL
General purpose biostable grinding fluid
Product code: S023

Product Description:
Excelgrind XL is a fully synthetic water-mix grinding fluid that forms a true solution when diluted with water.
Excelgrind XL gives superior cooling and flushing characteristics, keeping grinding wheels ‘open’ and carrying debris
away from the machining area.
In addition Excelgrind XL provides excellent corrosion protection on both workpiece and machines whilst minimising
the build-up of sticky residues.

Excelgrind XL should not be used at concentrations less than its specified break point.
Maximum machining performance can be achieved at concentrations up to 8%. However, the majority of operations
will be completed with concentrations in the range 3 – 6%.

Typical Test Data:
Appearance of Concentrate Green liquid
Specific Gravity @ 20oC 1.08
pH @ 5% (Distilled Water) 9.7
Anti – corrosion by IP 287 2.0% B.P.
Refractometer Correction Factor 2.2

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