Excelquench 603 A New Generation, Fully Accelerated Cold Quench Oil


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Excelquench L603Z
Fully accelerated mineral oil based quench oil
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Product Description:
Excelquench L603Z is a new generation, fully accelerated quench oil. It is a unique blend of thermally and chemically
stable solvent refined base oil fortified with an innovative state-of the-art quench oil additive package. The multicomponent additive contains highly effective wetting agents and an accelerator whose function is to reduce the
vapour blanket to promote faster quench speeds.

• High oxidation stability
• Accelerated quenching rates
• Corrosion protection

Excelquench L603Z is recommended for use as an accelerated quench oil where consistent results are required on
low alloy steels. Typical applications include high speed steel tools, ball bearings EN31, nuts and bolts EN5 and EN8
and components after carbo-nitriding EN1a, EN32.

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