Optima LSH 0w30 Fully Synthetic Low Saps Engine Oil Honda ACEA C2, API SN/CF


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Optima C2 LSH 0W-30
Fully synthetic low SAPS engine oil
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Product Description:
Optima C2 LSH 0W-30 is a new generation, fully synthetic multigrade engine oil formulated using the latest
developments in synthetic technology together with the most up to date advancements in additive chemistry. The
optimised viscosity allows significant fuel economy benefits to be achieved, thus minimising environmental impact,
while maintaining very high levels of engine protection.
Optima C2 LSH 0W-30 has been developed to enable outstanding performance to be provided along with effective
emission control and full compatibility with emission control after-treatment systems. Low SAPS (sulphated ash,
phosphorus and sulphur) additive technology ensures optimum performance of emission control equipment, such as
diesel particulate filters, and eliminates the risk of premature failure of such equipment.

• Effective environmental protection
• Ensures lubricant performance over extended drain intervals
• Significant reduction in fuel consumption
• Very high standards of engine cleanliness
• Exceptional long term anti-wear and oxidation stability
• Excellent high and low temperature performance
• Exceptional long term additive response

Optima C2 LSH 0W-30 is particularly suited to vehicles equipped with anti-pollution systems such as diesel
particulate filters where the product’s low SAPS levels will greatly prolong the filter’s lifespan. These same features
also ensure the maximum performance of catalytic converters since phosphorus and sulphur can impair the
operation of such devices. This offers further environmental advantages by ensuring efficient treatment of exhaust
gases. Optima C2 LSH 0W-30 is also suitable for use in petrol engines (check the vehicle’s manual before use).

Product Specification:
Optima C2 LSH 0W-30 is suitable for use in a variety of vehicles including certain Hondas, Toyotas and Subarus.

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