Taurus UHPD 5w30 Fully Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil ACEA E4, API CH-4, VOLVO VDS-2, MB 228.


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Taurus UHPD 5W-30
Fully synthetic, long drain diesel engine oil
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Product Description:
A fully synthetic, fuel efficient diesel engine oil meeting the latest long drain requirements. The demand for synthetic
lubricants has increased dramatically over a short period of time. Many engine manufacturers have recognised the
benefits when using a fully synthetic product.
Taurus UHPD 5W-30 is the ultimate high performance diesel engine oil. It has been formulated from the latest
synthetic base stocks and approved additives and provides high levels of performance over extended drain intervals.

• Extended drain periods of up to 100,000 km
• High fuel efficiency and savings
• Reduced oil consumption and emissions
• Outstanding engine cleanliness and reduced engine deposits
• Lower maintenance costs
• Excellent high and low temperature stability

Taurus UHPD 5W-30 is suitable for normally aspirated and turbocharged highly rated diesel engines in trucks, buses,
coaches, plant and industrial equipment. It can be recommended for the majority of applications where SAE 10W-30,
15W-30 or SAE 30 are recommended. It is miscible with all synthetic and mineral based oils.
Taurus UHPD 5W-30 is recommended for most Iveco trucks and where the following specifications are required.

Product Specification:
ACEA E4 Volvo VDS-2
API CH-4 MTU Type 3
Renault RXD MAN M 3277
Mercedes-Benz 228.5 DAF HP-2

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